Importance Of Milk Pasteurizers In The Dairy Business
Importance of milk pasteurizers in the dairy business

Importance Of Milk Pasteurizers In The Dairy Business

If you are doing milk value addition or in the dairy business, you may have been told that a milk pasteurizer is very necessary for dairy equipment to invest in. The Kenya Dairy board requires that all milk sold to the public MUST be pasteurized as such a milk pasteurizer is a requirement for dairy businesses by the Kenyan regulations.
Other benefits of having a milk pasteurizer include;

★ Pasteurizers help you minimize the losses incurred through milk spoilages since it increases the shelf life of milk.

★ Pasteurizing your milk helps to increase keeping the quality of milk products by destroying spoilage microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to the reduced quality and shelf life of milk.

★ You can use the same pasteurizer to make yogurt, and mala, and still pasteurize milk for sale. Pasteurizer is also a yogurt-making machine. So, when you are looking for yogurt-making machine prices in Kenya consider a pasteurizer.

★ Pasteurizer increases the value of your milk. Raw milk prices in Kenya can be as low as 24 Kenya Shillings per liter but pasteurized milk retails at about 70 Kenya Shillings per liter.


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