Automatic Yogurt Packaging Machines

Automatic Packaging Machines

Automatic Yogurt Packaging Machine

Techwin Limited, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel food processing equipment in Kenya, certainly supply many types of yogurt packaging machines. Yogurt packing machines are divided into;

  • Yogurt cup packaging machine
  • Yogurt pouch packing machine

At Techwin we advise customers on which packaging machine to invest in based on their business model, target market, and budget. If a dairy business wants to pack yogurt in cups, one should choose from the varieties of yogurt cup filling and sealing machines. If the yogurt is to be packed in pouches, then use the pouch-filling machine.


Benefits and features of our automatic rotary yogurt cup filling machine
  • Rotary structure, simple design, highly efficient and precise.
  • It is fitted with a touch screen with various parameters of the machine for easy operation.
  • Highly automated: It has automatic cup-feeding, filling, sealing, and pulling finished products out.
  • Compact body to occupy small space with running stably and independent temperature control.
  • The machine will stop if no cup fall, restarting after cup feeding.
  • It’s made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, stable and durable, and convenient to clean.
  • The system is fitted with a quality control system and pneumatic components.
  • The sizes are customized to suit each client’s needs


Benefits of A Continuous Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

A business looking for yogurt cup filling and sealing machines with larger output may find rotary cup filling machines limiting. Continuous cup filling and sealing machines provide room for the production of more cups per hour, therefore suitable for big dairy processing companies.

They are the ideal dairy packaging equipment for cup packaging in assembly lines and large mass production. The cup packing machine also packs jelly, juice, ice cream, pudding, porridge, other liquids or pastes, etc. It automatically falls cups into models, fills material into cups, feeds film, seals, and cuts the packaging film.

Automatic yogurt packaging machine
What are The Characteristics of The Continuous Yogurt Cup Filling and Sealing Machine?
  1. A stable structure that is highly automated with reliable performance.
  2. Automatic cup-filling machines are simple to operate and improve work efficiency.
  3. Reduces labor costs.
  4. They are food grade and thus are in line with food hygiene and safety standards.
  5. It is easy to customize the cup placing mold.
  6. Filling and sealing are precise and accurate.
  7. The machine’s production speed and sealing pressure are adjustable.
  8. The machine finishing is pristine and clean for ease of cleaning.

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