Batch Pasteurizers

Batch Pasteurizers
Batch Pasteurizer

A batch pasteurizer is a tank with peripheral heating, usually built for small and medium dairy businesses. The pasteurization machine heats batches of milk to a 63°, and holds the temperature for 30 minutes, before cooling it down to the desired temperatures.

In other types of pasteurization, the temperatures are higher but in batch pasteurization which is also known as low-temperature long time (LTLT) pasteurization you heat the milk to 63°C for 30 minutes. Below is a table of other types of pasteurization requirements;

Batch pasteurizer

Our batch milk pasteurizers are 100% made of industry-approved food-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and the units are available in various capacities ranging from 50 liters to 1000 liters.

The batch milk pasteurizers come fitted with three layers. These double jackets ensure that the tank’s insulation is efficient.

They also feature a high-quality low-speed agitation motor (30 rpm), installed on a special elevated base on the lid, for easy cleaning and service.

Techwin milk pasteurizer uses a hot water supply to the pasteurizer circuit. The batch pasteurizers are powered by gas, steam, or electric heater, or a hybrid of two.

The pasteurizers use a cold water supply to the pasteurizer circuit for cooling. The pasteurizer milk cooling connection is done to the cold water taps at the site or ice banks, and ice water chillers.

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