Benefits of Using A Milking System
Benefits of using a milking system

Benefits of Using A Milking System


Cow milking can be demanding and time-consuming. Milking by hand is not as easy as it may first appear especially if the cows are many. If the cow is anxious or afraid, the milking process will be more difficult and unpleasant for the cow and dairy workers. Considering how many farmers turn to them, milking machinery is bound to have numerous advantages that allow dairy farms to operate effectively while optimizing profits.

1. Increase productivity
The milking system enables the farmer to increase their productivity with a larger number of cows. Indeed, proper milking machinery can manage herds faster while ensuring the quality of the milk, which allows farmers to get more milk from the cows than they could with traditional means.
2. Saves on labor 
The second advantage is the money saved by avoiding labor expenses. A big dairy farm that harvests manually will require a lot of employees to function properly. With automatic milking systems, only a few will be required.
3. Reduced workforce
Thirdly, still considering the labor factor, milking machinery also reduces the farm’s dependency on workers. On a traditional farm, if skilled workers cannot work anymore or decide to leave the farm, this would have a great effect on 
milk production, and affect sales. With milking machinery, it would be quite easy to find someone to operate the machines and ensure that the dairy farm will remain in activity at all times.
4. Clean Milk
When you hand milk a cow, there are bits of hay, hair, and sometimes even flecks of manure that land in your milk bucket. All of these can lead to milk contamination. When using a milking system the can is fully enclosed and sealed. There is no opportunity for contamination during the milking process. This keeps the milk fresh and clean.
5. No fatigue
 Building the arm muscles to correctly milk a cow takes a few weeks. Hand milking will quickly build you some nice arm muscles and some seriously sore ones at that.
6. Time efficiency
You can multitask while the machine is milking. It only takes about 5 minutes to milk out a cow with the machine. This is the best advantage of the milk machine.
7.  Finally, a proper milking routine will reduce the stress on the stock, which not only improves the health of the animals but also ensure a higher quality of the dairy harvest.
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