Best Continuous Pasteurization Line In Kenya
Best continuous pasteurization line in kenya

Best Continuous Pasteurization Line In Kenya

Do you know what a continuous pasteurization line is? A continuous pasteurization line, also known as a skid-mount pasteurizer, is used to process raw milk into pasteurized milk, pasteurized skimmed milk, pasteurized flavored milk, UHT milk, among other dairy products. It is suitable for dairy enterprises with over 3,000-20,000 liters of milk per day.

Where To Buy Continuous Pasteurization Lines?

At Techwin Limited, we have a highly efficient pasteurization plant that is developed as per international food processing standards to improve the quality of the finished product and reduce production timelines. We not only design, supply, and install continuous pasteurization lines, we also train dairy enterprises and offer maintenance of the production lines to our clients. We can confidently satisfy all your pasteurization needs because our pasteurization lines are available in different capacities.

Best continuous pasteurization line
Figure 1: Techwin Limited Continuous Pasteurization Line

Benefits Of Having A Continous Pasteurization Line

Pasteurization has several important benefits when used to process raw milk into dairy products. Here are reasons why you should purchase a continuous pasteurization line:

  1. Prolongs Shelf Life

Keeping a product fresh long enough for it to make it to the market and to the consumers’ pantries is key. Some bacteria and other microorganisms can cause food products to deteriorate faster than it takes for the end consumer to purchase them, pasteurization is important in making your milk viable.

  1. Preventing Disease

Diseases can be found in milk, and removing the organisms that cause those diseases is critical to ensuring your product is safe for general consumption.

  1. Quick and Safe Sanitation

There are many ways to sanitize milk, but few are as quick or as safe as pasteurization. With pasteurization, the temperature of the product is simply raised enough to destroy any microorganisms that may be present. Other methods may involve chemical treatments or radiation, and may not be the safest to use. Pasteurization is also faster than most methods that rely on filtration or other means.

  1. Consistent Product Quality

By eliminating volatile contaminants, the product becomes more stable, therefore the quality of your product is more consistent. A more consistent product means your customers know what to expect from your production lines, and it’s easier to provide reliable results.

Best Continuos Pasteurization Line From Techwin Limited

Techwin Limited is a leader in the manufacturing of affordable, high-quality dairy equipment. Therefore, if you are searching for a high-quality continuous pasteurization line for sale in Kenya, we are the right people to sell you one.

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