Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Making Equipment
Cheese Making Equipment
Cheese Vats

As the main machine in cheese processing, the cheese vat heats the milk to desired temperatures before yeast and other ingredients are added to it. Fitted with a mixer, the yeast, and other components are seamlessly whipped together with the milk to result in one solution.

Stretching Machine

It works on the principle of transferring the heated salt water to the curd with the help of a pump and brings the curd which turns into a pulp to the outlet with the use of drills.


These are machines used to mold the cheese coming out of the cheese stretching machine. It is poured into the bowl of the cheese molding machine and the augers in the chamber of the cheese molding machine move it toward the weighing section without destroying its structure.

The heated machine reservoir also retains the structure of the dough. After molding, it is weighed and cut.

Our machines are entirely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.


Cheese paste is conveyed into the input conveyor and pressed into the compression band after that it is applied to the desired thickness in the cutting machine which has varied production capacities depending on the size.

Main features:
  • Fast product processing.
  • Low production cost.
  • Weighted in grams sensitively.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to clean.
  • PLC control systems.


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