Clean In Place (CIP) System

Clean In Place (CIP) System
Clean In Place (CIP) System
Small Union Type CIP System

This CIP system can perform acid cleaning, alkali cleaning, and hot water cleaning separately.

The system will clean all the equipment efficiently, and limit the growth of the microorganism.

The small CIP can be customized to include semi-auto and full-auto controlling systems.

Semi-auto CIP Cleaning System

The heating method for the cleaning liquid is auto-heating.

The operating principle is to set the cleaning temperature through the temperature control, the steam control valve’s opening frequency will limit the steam amount making the cleaning liquid remain at the needed temperature.

All the tank’s liquid levels in the CIP system adopt the auto-alarm.

The cleaning liquid concentration is reduced manually. Similarly, there is a need to manually change some relevant pipelines and valves.

Full-auto CIP Cleaning System

The operating principle of the full auto CIP cleaning system means that the tank body, pipelines, pumps, ball valves, and also the whole processing line are cleaned online with no need to disconnect the pipes or the equipment, all cleanings are done in the closed circuit.

This system adopts the PLC program for control, with the colored touch-screen to operate and display the whole process flow and also the controlling parameter.

The temperature of the cleaning liquid can be set.

It can set the PH value, the cleaning time, the cleaning sequence, and also the refluence PH value.

The system is fitted with an alarm device that is set in case of any malfunction.

The main equipment of the system includes:

  • CIP cleaning liquid storage tanks (including acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, and clear water tank).
  • Two single-layer tanks for concentrated acid and alkali.
  • CIP forward and return pumps.
  • Two diaphragm pumps for acid/alkali concentrate.
  • A heat exchanger(plate or tubular type).
  • One electrical appliance box.
  • One set of controlling pipe and valve components.
  • One set of auto-performance components and parts and the electrical appliance.
  • CIP cleaning liquid storage tank:1000 liters to 10000 liters.
  • Can be a double circuit, three circuits, four circuits, and so on, multi-circuit operating at the same time.
  • Heating is by way of plate type, coil tube type, or tubular type.

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