Cost of milk pasteurizers in kenya


Are you looking for a quality milk pasteurizer? Well, let us learn about some factors to consider when buying a milk pasteurizer in Kenya today. The cost of milk pasteurizers is an important factor to consider but it is not the only one when investing in dairy business.
Before giving the current prices of quality milk pasteurizers in Kenya, lets discuss some of the uses of a milk pasteurizer in a dairy business.


If you are doing milk value addition or in a dairy business, you may have been told that a milk pasteurizer is very necessary dairy equipment to invest in. The Kenya Dairy board requires that all milk sold to the public MUST be pasteurized as such milk pasteurizer is a requirement for dairy businesses by the Kenyan regulations.
Other benefits of having a milk pasteurizer include;

★ Pasteurizers helps you minimize the losses incurred through milk spoilages since it increases the shelf life of milk.

★ Pasteurizing your milk helps to increase keeping the quality of milk products by destroying spoilage microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to the reduced quality and shelf life of milk.

★ You can use the same pasteurizer to make yogurt, mala, and still pasteurize milk for sale. Pasteurizer is also a yogurt making machine. So, when you are looking for yogurt making machine prices in Kenya consider a pasteurizer.

★ Pasteurizer increase the value of your milk. Raw milk prices in Kenya can be as low as 24 Kenya Shillings per liter but pasteurized milk retails at about 70 Kenya Shillings per liter.


1.Your source of power– You can use electricity, gas, steam (boiler) or a hybrid of two like an electric pasteurizer that is also powered by gas. Before buying a milk pasteurizer, first identify which power option is economical and convenient for your site.

2.Milk supply volume – How much milk can you collect? Before buying a milk pasteurizer, you consider the amount of milk you will be able to get from milk suppliers around you. Batch pasteurizers allow you pasteurize more sets within the same day, this will allow you save on the capital requirements. Batch pasteurizers are recommended for farmers with less than 1000 Liters per day.

3.Is you power single phase or three phase – Smaller pasteurizers can run on a single phase power source but larger capacities are more efficient on three phase power. Before buying a pasteurizer, please consider the power phase at your site so that installation is smooth and efficiency is achieved during installation.


There are several things that determine the cost of a milk pasteurizers in Kenya as discussed below:

Grade of stainless steel used – All food processing equipment must be food grade. Stainless steel grades that are considered food-grade are grade SS304 and SS316. The prices of milk pasteurizers in Kenya vary a lot since most along the road manufacturers do not adhere to the food-grade requirement thus using cheap stainless-steel grades that are not approved for any food processing equipment.

Size of the pasteurizer– The capacity of your milk pasteurizer is the major determinant of the cost of the pasteurizer due to more material required.

Source of power to be used – Which source of power are you using for your pasteurizer? Electric pasteurizer, gas, steam, or hybrid of electric and gas pasteurizer? There is less difference in prices of electric and gas pasteurizers in Kenya but steam pasteurizers price is higher because steam pasteurizer requires more stronger material which is expensive. Hybrid milk pasteurizer and also expensive since we will install both elements for electricity and gas line for the gas power option.

Thickness of the stainless steel used – Thicker steel will improve the durability of the milk pasteurizer and also be able to withstand the pressure and not bulge in. Using thin sheets is another shortcut that some suppliers use to lower production cost. When buying a milk pasteurizer in Kenya look at pasteurizer prices but be keen on quality of steel used too. but this will lead to Grade is determined by the ability of steel to resist corrosiveness.

Quality of agitator motor used on the pasteurizer – The cost of milk pasteurizers in Kenya is greatly affected by the quality of material used in it. Example buying a juakali pasteurizer would cost less but have you considered the quality of pasteurizer spare parts used in it? When using brand new agitator motors such as SIREM or TECHWIN Brands, the quality of the milk pasteurizer increases unlike the rewound motors commonly found on milk pasteurizers in Kenya.

Brand new agitator motor

Quality of insulation material used – One of the qualities of a good pasteurizer in Kenya is the ability to retain heat. This will reduce the heating period hence reducing the cost of electricity the pasteurizer consumes.


There are batch milk pasteurizers in Kenya and continuous milk pasteurizers or skid mounted pasteurizers which are also called line pasteurizers.

Batch pasteurizers are the most common in Kenya since the are for small and medium dairy processing business. Batch pasteurizer prices in Kenya are better that the line pasteurizers since companies like Techwin Limited manufacture batch pasteurizers in Kenya.

There are 3 types of pasteurizers you can buy in Kenya depending on the power source that you have at site:

Electric milk pasteurizers– this type uses electricity to heat milk and can be either single or 3 phase. This is the most commonly used batch pasteurizer in Kenya.

Gas pasteurizers– these pasteurizers use gas to heat milk but only use electricity to run the milk agitator motor.

Steam pasteurizers – these use steam or hot water to heat milk. They are connected to hot water boilers that are fueled by firewood or electricity if it is steam. Hot water boiler pasteurizers are also common in Kenyan rural areas.


When asking for the cost of milk pasteurizers in Kenya, you will need to consider the factors mentioned above. A professional dairy technician should first ask for information from the user to identify when suites their need. Below are some approximate batch milk pasteurizers prices in Kenya.
Please NOTE: All our pasteurizers are made of grade 304 stainless steel.

100 liters = Ksh 218,000 – 225,000
200 liters = Ksh 290,000 – 295,000
300 liters = Ksh 300,000 – 320,000
500 liters = Ksh 470,000 – 500,000

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