Dairy Equipment Suppliers In Kenya
Dairy equipment suppliers in kenya

Dairy Equipment Suppliers In Kenya

The dairy industry contributes to the Kenyan economy by creating over 900,000 direct job opportunities. This means for a dairy farmer to succeed in the business, he/she requires the best dairy equipment for milk value-addition. So who are the best dairy equipment suppliers in Kenya?  If you are a farmer, then this question must have crossed your mind a couple of times. Techwin Limited is a designer, manufacturer, supplier, and installer of high-quality dairy equipment in Kenya. Below are some of the dairy equipment we supply.

Dairy Equipment For Sale In Kenya

Cooling Tanks

Dairy equipment suppliers in Kenya
Horizontal cooling tank

Techwin Limited, formerly known as Finken Holdings, horizontal cooling tank is used for the preservation of milk. The horizontal tanks are available in 18 capacities. The round type ranges from 1,500 liters to 14,000 liters while the elliptical type ranges from 10,000 liters to 20,000 liters, they are constructed to allow agitation of even small quantities of milk and exclude any possibility of ice formation.

Vertical cooling tank

Vertical cooling tanks are available in 13 different capacities ranging from 50 liters to 2,500 liters, our milk cooling tanks meet the needs of small, medium, and large-scale dairy units. They are known for their fast and stable cooling with maximum energy-saving characteristics.

The tanks are made of food-grade materials and follow both the European and US standards. To avoid the development of bacteria or an increase in milk acidity (PH), the process cooling process takes place at the right time. The tanks are also fitted with a special shaft with paddles and a gear reduction motor set to the appropriate rotations per minute (RPM) which mixes the milk so as to ensure perfect homogenization of fats and uniform cooling of the entire quantity of milk without foaming.

Milk Dispensing Machines (Milk ATMs)

Our new milk dispensing ATM machines are fitted with high-quality components engineered to maintain the quality of milk and increase profit margins for dairy farmers and their businesses.

Due to the low maintenance and minimal power consumption of the milk ATM machines, users are likely to maintain lower retail costs. The milk vending machines come in various capacities ranging from 100 liters to 1000 liters.

Dairy equipment suppliers in Kenya
Milk ATM


Techwin limited has both batch and continuous line pasteurization lines.

Batch pasteurization machines provide heat treatment of milk from 60 degrees to 120 degrees, therefore eliminating harmful bacteria.

The batch milk pasteurizers come fitted with three layers. The double jacketed tank ensures insulation is achieved.

Continuous pasteurization lines (Skid-mounted pasteurization machines) are manufactured with a plate and automation pipe. Depending on the client’s requirements, we supply high-quality inline pasteurization units in various dairy and food processing industries. We offer a highly efficient pasteurization plant that is developed as per international food processing standards to improve the quality of the finished product and reduce production timelines.

Milk Cans

We supply high-quality milk cans manufactured using premium food-grade material. The cans are easy to carry, handle and clean for optimal transportation.


For quality assurance, the cans come fitted with airtight lids that are lockable. We supply both aluminum and stainless steel milk cans with capacities ranging from 10 liters to 50 liters.

Milking Systems

Our cow milking trolley is within the portable milking systems series available at Techwin Industries. It is suitable for small cow units and complies with all milking requirements.

Milking systems for sale in Kenya

They are easily transported and are almost silent so as not to disturb or stress the animals. They are can be fitted with plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum 30kg milk receivers and stand out for their high resistance to oxidation, low energy consumption, and their affordable price points.

Dairy Equipment Suppliers In Kenya.

Techwin Limited is your trusted supplier of dairy equipment. We not only have the products mentioned above but we also have transportation tanks, homogenizers, reception equipment, and yogurt processing and packaging lines.

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