Milk ATM Machine Prices In Kenya
Milk atm machine prices in kenya

Milk ATM Machine Prices In Kenya

We are going to educate you on the milk ATM machine prices in Kenya. Are you planning to start a milk ATM business? If that’s the case then one question you must have asked yourself is what is the cost of a milk ATM machine? Techwin Limited being a leading supplier of milk ATMs in Kenya should be your top choice. We have been manufacturing milk ATM machines for 14 years now so you can trust us to give you the best Milk ATM machines at affordable prices in Kenya depending on the type you want.

What is the Cost of a Milk ATM Machine?

A common question we get from customer inquiries is how much does a milk ATM cost in Kenya? It can be tricky to give an outright answer considering the different factors involved like capacity and type of parts used and other features that the customer might want. But the thing you should note is that a big capacity milk ATM machine saves you on the additional cost you would have incurred of buying more storage facilities like a freezer or fridge.

All the same, a top-quality milk ATM machine from Techwin will start from Ksh 152,000. The cost is mostly determined by the capacity of the machine. The prices can go to as high as Ksh 300,000 for bigger milk vending machines.

Milk ATM machine prices in Kenya
Techwin’s Milk ATM machine in a client’s supermarket.

What is the ideal capacity of the milk vending ATM machine?

For a starter, we recommend someone to start with a milk vending machine with a capacity of 100 liters if you are in a low-traffic area. This will ensure you do not run out of milk too early before you get more stock from your supplier.

On the other hand, if you are located in a high traffic area where there’s high consumption of milk then you will definitely need to invest in a bigger capacity milk dispensing ATM machine. This will ensure you don’t miss out on business from all the clients because milk will not run out quickly. Here at Techwin Limited, we not only supply but also design and manufacture milk dispensing ATM machines to fit your needs.

Factors that we consider to determine what is the Cost of a Milk ATM Machine

When determining the cost of a milk ATM we put the following into consideration:

Capacity- The capacity of the milk tank is one of the factors that determine how much it will cost. The higher the capacity the higher the cost. However, this has its own advantage in that it enables you to store more milk and ensure you run longer without running out quickly. Also saves you the cost of additional external storage you might need like a freezer.

Cost of the cooling unit- the cooling unit cost is the other factor that determines the cost. The more expensive the unit the costlier the milk ATM will eventually be. However, there’s a standard unit that we prefer so as to make prices uniform.

Milk ATM machine prices in Kenya

Now that you have learned about the milk ATM machine prices in Kenya, you can get in touch with us today for a quotation or to get more information.