Milk Transportation Tank with Generator Cooling

Milk Transportation Tank with Generator Cooling

Milk Transportation Tank with Generator Cooling

Our milk transportation tankers can be fitted with generator-ran refrigeration as a smart solution for milk transportation over long distances to ensure the 4 degrees is maintained.

The units are made of food-grade stainless steel, specifically AISI 304, and feature a double wall thermal insulation with high-density polyurethane foam and a full-flow heat exchanger to support the direct expansion function. The transfer tankers minimize energy loss while ensuring direct dissipation of the milk’s heat, avoiding the formation of ice particles.


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Features of Generator-Powered Milk Transportation Tank
Appropriate Tank Design

They have simple construction, ease of use, reliable performance, and a long life span while offering excellent value for money.

Inner Design

Robust construction, high resistance to stress with smooth inner walls, round edges, and perfect welding.

Shape & Construction

Due to the elliptical cross-section of the tanks and their oval shape, the transport tanks maintain a low center of gravity enhancing the vehicle balance during milk transportation.

Precise Design & Excellent Cleaning

The functional design, quality, and processing of the metal construction prevent the entrapment of even the minutest milk quantity inside the tank, therefore avoiding the development of bacteria and deterioration of milk quality.

Pressure Equalization

Each tank has an additional stainless steel ventilation cap to allow air inlet/outlet and prevent high pressure or negative pressure during the filling or evacuation of the tank.

Complete Sealing

The elevated manhole in combination with the gasket at the upper part, the easy locking system, and the perfect welding ensure the complete sealing of the tank and the safe transportation of milk.


Fitted with an automatic hot-dip galvanized trailer in accordance with the EU Directive on road safety and regulations. It has lights, towing, and parking brakes, suspensions, and an emergency wheel.

Agitation System

They are equipped with a programmable agitation system that provides slow and gentle milk agitation.

System Stability

The agitation shaft is held in place at two points (both at the top and bottom of the tank) to ensure system stability even during transportation on uneven roads.

Milk Outlet

For the milk outlet, a stainless steel butterfly valve, of DN50, SMS51, or Triclamp type is used, according to the needs. In the case of the DN50 type, the valve is equipped with a food-grade plastic cap.

Cooling Unit

High-performance anti-shock cooling unit with low energy consumption for 2 or 4 milkings.

Effective Washing and Disinfection

The washing system is made of high-quality raw materials to prevent corrosion even by the most strong disinfectants. They are also fitted with a powerful water pump that guarantees continuous recirculation, constant water flow, and proper spray pressure.

Independent peristaltic pumps provide the necessary supply of liquid disinfectants for perfect hygiene and cost saving. An alarm function is integrated for immediate alert in case of a problem in the pump, compressor, or agitator.

These cooling tanks used for the transportation of milk have an effective washing of the tanks with a spray system and special rotating washing blades.

Ease of Use and Effective Control of All Functions.

Fitted with an electronic controller for cooling, agitation, alarm function, and temperature indication of milk.

Milk Pump (option)

The transfer tanks can optionally be equipped with the powerful stainless steel milk 230V or 12V pump for continuous circulation and constant milk flow during their filling or evacuation.

Generator Powered (option)

This refrigerated milk transportation tank is available with a generator for milk cooling during transportation without the need for a connection to an electrical power supply.

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