Milking Machines

Milking Machines

Milking Machines


Techwin Limited’s milking machines are made up of an electric motor, vacuum pump, source of power, trap pail, vacuum controller, gauge, gap, milk tank, and four teat cups. With quality serviceable parts, we supply both trolley types of milking machines and milking parlors for farmers with many cows.


Operating a Milking Machine

Before one starts the milking process, it is important to make sure all equipment that will be needed are at hand and in proper condition. Upon installation of the equipment, the customer will be trained on how to operate a Techwin milking system.


How to Clean Techwin Milking Machines

A healthy cow produces almost sterile milk when it leaves the udder. It is important to maintain a high quality of the milk during milking and handling.  During the installation of the milking machine, Techwin dairy technicians train the farmers on all necessary steps required to clean the milking plant and the system thoroughly after each milking.


How to Maintain the Milking Machines

To achieve a continuous, trouble-free operation from the milking machine with high-quality milk, regular maintenance services need to be done.

Techwin Limited will provide a maintenance schedule after each supply and installation of milking machines that will include dismantling and complete cleaning of the plant, exchange of all required wear and tear parts according to established time limits, checking of all essential functions and parameters, and a complete test run.


Milking machines


Advantages of Using Milking Machines on Your Farm

For any farmer having more than one cow or a cow with a high milk yield, milking machinery is very necessary for dairy equipment on the farm. The milking machines have numerous advantages including;

Increase in profits through optimization of resources: The machine allows one to efficiently milk a cow thus increasing the volume of milk with no increase in other input materials like feeds.

Ability to increase cows in the farm with the same farm management team: The farmer can have larger herds since the milking machinery can manage herds faster while ensuring the quality of the milk is retained

Reduction of labor costs: While there is increased productivity there are low labor costs since fewer employees will be required for the milking process.

Improved milk hygiene: When using hand milking, there are bits of hay, hair, flecks of manure, or even sweat that transfer into the milk bucket. Using machines reduces the chance of such contaminations.

Less cumbersome thus the farmer will not suffer from sore hands or arms

Better time management. It is more efficient and flexible when using a Techwin milking machine. One can multitask while the machine is milking.

A proper milking routine will reduce the stress on the cows, thus improving their health, and also ensuring a higher quality in the farm’s milk harvest with less post-harvest wastes.


Features of Our Movable Trolley Milking Machines.
  • For 1, 2, 4, or cows.
  • Vacuum pump 220V, 0.75hp, 220lt/min or 220V, 1.5hp 350lt/min with a vacuum tank.
  • Noise reduction silencer.
  • Milk cluster bracket.
  • Lubricated vacuum tank with 1lt oil tank.
  • High-quality and durability liners & clusters (of European origin)
  • Precision vacuum regulator.
  • Robust pneumatic pulsator with a stainless steel shell.
  • Φ63 dry gauge.

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