Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks

Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks

Vertical Cooling Tanks

Available in 13 different capacities ranging from 50 liters to 2,500 liters, our milk cooling tanks meet the needs of small, medium, and large scale dairy units.

They are known for their fast and stable cooling with maximum energy saving characteristics.

The tanks are made of food grade materials and follow both the European and US standards.

To avoid development of bacteria or increase of milk acidity (PH), the process cooling process takes place at the right time. The tanks are also fitted with a special shaft with paddles and a gear reduction motor set to the appropriate rotations per minute (RPM) which mixes the milk so as to ensure perfect homogenization of fats and uniform cooling of the entire quantity of milk without foaming.


Features of our milk cooling tanks.

Cooling Unit

The careful calculation of the cooling power of each tank allows the milk to be cooled at the right time and according to the producer’s needs.


The tanks have a direct expansion evaporator welded with the most modern laser technology and a bottom with an appropriate slope to ensure complete evacuation according to international standards (ISO 5708).

Thermal Insulation

The insulation of the tank with two-component polyurethane foam, friendly to the environment, allows the milk to be kept at the desired temperature, ensuring the minimum possible energy consumption.

Measuring Tape

To check the level of milk and calculate its quantity, all models of the MP Vertitank series are equipped with a stainless steel measuring cup and conversion table to liters or gallons.

Easy Cleaning

The motor, the electronic control panel as well as the handle for lifting the tank cover (models above 100lt) are elevated to allow full cleaning of the cover and prevent the accumulation of dirt.

Electronic Control Panel

The electronic milk cooling and churning control panel features an easy-to-read 3-digit display and allows easy operation of the ice bucket with the push of a single button.

Perforated Cooling Unit Cover

The stainless steel perforated protection cover prevents the entry of small animals and garbage into the area of ​​the cooling unit of the tank, ensuring trouble-free operation.

Retaining Springs

Stainless steel springs (1 to 4 depending on the model) are used to easily lift and hold the tank lid in the open position, which at the same time ensure high resistance to the stresses of daily use (models over 200lt).

Milk Inlet Box

In the cover of the ice tanks there is a hole with a diameter of Φ200mm (two in the 2,000lt and 2,500lt models) which allows easy inspection of the contents as well as filling of the tank. It is covered by a stainless steel lid held by a hinge.

Milk Output

The Vertitank milk cooling tanks are available with a DN50, SMS51 or Triclamp type milk outlet and are accompanied by a stainless steel butterfly valve.

Agitator Motor

The Vertitank ice trays are equipped with stirring motors from the French company Sirem, which rotate at 30 revolutions per minute to prevent the milk from foaming.

Lid With One-piece Stirrer

The sturdy lid without screws on the inside and the one-piece agitator of the tanks without joints, ensure perfect cleanliness and minimize the chances of milk contamination.

Iceberg Rim

The rim of the tanks is made according to the ISO 5708 / EN 13732 standard.

Retractable Support Legs

All models of the Vertitank series are equipped with adjustable support feet, so that even on uneven floors absolute alignment is achieved, a necessary condition for the correct volume measurement of milk.


Milk Cooling Tank Dimensions

50lt – 300lt

Tanks from 50lt to 300lt are mainly suitable for sheep and goat breeding units and serve to collect the milk of 2 or 4 milkings.

milk cooling tank
400lt- 2,500lt
Tanks from 400lt to 2,500lt serve small cow milking parlors and large goat and sheep milking parlors.

Milk cooling tank

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