Motion Control and System Technology

Motion Control & System Technology
Motion Control & System Technology

Our motion control and systems help with the automatic movement of fluids to ease dairy processing and dispensing. To design a motion control system, you will have three basic components: the controller (PLC) , the drive (pump), and the motor.

a) Motors

We supply both small and large compact motors with an output shaft made according to the specifications of the agitation blade to be employed.

Main features
  • Available in four mountings
  • Insulated
  • Have IP44 protection
  • Can be single or three phase with capacitor
  • Are permanently lubricated
  • Two direction of rotation
  • Fitted with thermal cut-out
b) PLC

We have all-in-one PLC affordable controllers that come with “smart relay” — full-function PLC combined with a textual HMI and keyboard, with up to 40 onboard I/Os.

c) Dispensing Pumps

Our pumps allow for ease of liquid movement whether in dairy automation or oil dispensing. They are precise, durable, and made with industry approved materials for hydraulic systems and motors as well as the appropriate sealing system.

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