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More Cash for Mara Women as 3 Solar Milk Coolers Installed

Thousands of dairy farmers in three conservancies in Maasai Mara now have solar-powered milk cooling plants to bank on, following the commissioning of the facilities by Techwin Limited in conjunction with the World Wide Fund,(WWF).

Following the opening of the facilities, thousands of dairy farmers in three women groups in the Maasai Mara namely; Olderkesi, Olkinyei, and Lemek conservancies in Narok County can now rely on solar-powered milk cooling facilities.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by WWF and community members.

The farmers have a high quantity of milk supply that is collected from various farmers in the Maasai Mara conservancies. However, power interruption and increased operational costs were major issues for the groups. The various stations affected had unreliable power connections, thus leading to produce spoilage hence inconveniencing the group’s value-addition activities.

The situation was common to all their stations. After a thorough energy audit by the World Wide Fund (WWF), the critical points were identified and they floated a tender for a solution provider to sort out their predicaments. Techwin Limited took up the challenge and was able to provide power backup systems to suit the needs of various stations. With the systems in place, their solar-powered cooling tanks are always enabling them to carry out milk value-addition and hence increase profits.

Some of the solar batteries supplied by Techwin Limited to the dairy groups in Maasai Mara

The milk coolers, donated to the women’s groups each have the capacity to preserve 3,000 liters of milk for up to four days.

One of the 3000L Milk cooling tanks supplied by Techwin Limited