Installation & Commissioning

Upon delivery of the purchased product to a client-approved location, our team of highly skilled technicians will facilitate the installation of the item and ensure efficient commissioning of the same. This will ascertain that the products are set and fit for use.

Training & Development

To ensure that the installed products are handled and utilised well, Techwin will conduct need-specific training for the product operators. This will ensure that there is sound knowledge of the products, their functions, and highlight the obligations of the user in a bid to curb the risk of damage to the product, or physical harm to the operator.

Maintenance & Sustainance

As is the norm with any tool that is in frequent use, there is a need for periodic servicing and maintenance of the installed products. As such, Techwin limited technicians are well able to run routine checks for maintenance and therefore promote sustainability, and durability of the products.

Upgrading & Replacing

With advancements in technology, there is no doubt that modifications and improvements on previous models will be implemented. With a team of both local and international researchers, we are able to assess and determine the efficacy of a plant, and advise on the specifications necessary for replacement and upgrading.