Solar Installation Accessories

Solar Installation Accessories

Solar Installation Accessories

Solar installation accessories are all the parts required during the installation and maintenance of a solar power solution.  We stock quality spare parts for solar power, solar water heating, and solar pumping systems to facilitate smooth after-sales service.

Techwin uses high-quality accessories during in-house installations to achieve maximum results and solar power efficiency.

Factors to consider when buying solar power solutions or solar water heaters include the availability of affordable, quality spare parts that will guarantee easy serviceability over the year.

Our wide range of solar installation accessories includes;

1. Solar water heater controllers – SR609  and SR500.

2. Solar water heater heating elements. 1.5Kw  and  2Kw.

3. Solar water heaters’ magnesium anode.

4. Solar water heater heat collectors. Vacuum tubes | Heat pipes.

5. Solar water heater assistant tanks.

6. Silicon rubber.

7. Automatic voltage switches (AVS).

8. Change over switches.


Characteristics of Suntech Solar Water Heater Vacuum Tubes
  • Black in color to maximize heat absorption.
  • Quality vacuum insulation.
  • No leakage and stability in the solar water heating system.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • Low cost of replacement.
  • High-speed heat transfer and heat dissipation from glass to water.

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