Solar Water Heater – Pressurized

Solar Water heater – Indirect Type

Solar Water Heaters – Indirect /Pressurized Type

When using the indirect solar water heating system, also called a pressurized system, the tap water piping can be connected directly to the system, and water is fed automatically by the water pressure.

The heat pipes absorb the sun’s energy and transfer the heat to the tank through the copper heat pipe inside the tube, then water inside the tank is gradually heated.

This system has now been approved to be one of the most effective systems, with global acceptance.

Advantages of Pressurized Solar Water Heater
  •   It is made to deliver water into the building with higher pressure compared to the direct type (non-pressurized system).
  •   It is made to withstand salty waters since the water does not get into the heating pipes as such there is less corrosion.
  •   A pressurized solar water heater retains heat for a long time and thus can be used by many people.