Suntech Power Solar Water Heaters Advantages
Suntech power solar water heaters advantages

Suntech Power Solar Water Heaters Advantages

Suntech Power has enabled thousands of Kenyans to access reliable and cheap energy for many years by supplying them with solar products and solutions. Suntech Power, a leading supplier of solar water heaters, solar lighting solutions, solar pumps, solar inverters, solar panels, and solar batteries has been in the industry for over 15 years providing the common mwananchi with affordable energy options.

In this article, we will focus on the solar water heaters supplied and installed by Suntech Power, their advantages, and why they stand to benefit you as the end consumer. When you invest in solar you get value for your money because solar water heaters:

  1. Operate all year round, can work with electric backup, and produces water every day and night.
  2. Use high-quality vacuum tubes, high heat absorption efficiency, and ban radioactivity.
  3. Suntech Power water heaters have excellent heat preservation: for more than 72 hours. Entire polyurethane foaming-adopt advanced international high-tensin frothing technique-makes the foaming layer has high density and low porosity
  4. Corrosion-resistant inner tank: Use imported stainless steel 304-2B plate welded by an automatic high-frequency soldering machine, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant-guarantee healthy and clean hot water.
  5. Imported silicon rubber sealing gaskets: no smelly, no toxic, high temperature resistant, and long lifespan.
  6. Suntech Power solar water heaters are resistant to strong wind, hailstone, and freezing.
  7. More optional accessories:
  8. Completely Intelligent Controller: safer and more convenient automatically supply cold water and control the temperature of the hot water outlet.
  9. Magnesium Rod-to clean water in the tank to prevent water scale.
  10. Backup electrical heater to guarantee hot water is supplied on cloudy and rainy days.
  11. Assistant small water tank- to supply cold water automatically to Suntech Power solar water heater.

You might have recently learned about solar energy and you would like to find out more. You can reach Suntech Power at +254 715 208 282 or email to also make a purchase. Free delivery is offered within Nairobi and also installation and maintenance are done by the company at a small fee. You are guaranteed quality and durability that will leave you smiling when taking hot showers.