UHT Milk Processing Equipment

UHT Milk Processing Equipment
UHT Processing Equipment

Ultra-High Temperature Pasteurization, UHT processing of milk involves heating milk in a continuous but closed process to temperatures higher than 135 °C for a few seconds, cooling rapidly, and aseptically packaging the milk into sterile containers. UHT milk treatment is sufficient in the production of commercially sterile products in which bacterial growth will not occur under normal storage conditions, but is not severe enough to cause chemical changes that result in an unacceptable flavor, color, and nutritive loss in the milk.

The UHT is a completely closed pasteurization method that involves heating milk or cream to between 135°C to 150°C for one to two seconds, then chilling it immediately and aseptically packaging it in a hermetic (air-tight) container for storage. The aseptic packaging machines we supply ensure there is zero exposure to the milk.

UHT pasteurization remains the most popular milk preservation method for safe and stable milk in Kenya. The setup contains four main components:

  • A heat exchanger.
  • A milk-holding tube.
  • An Aseptic packaging machine.
  • The control and monitoring system.

Techwin Limited supplied skid-mounted UHT processing plants and in-house fabrication services for all stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels, SS piping, and other auxiliary equipment needed. We design, install and maintain dairy processing plants with efficiency in mind. In our modern workshop, experienced welders and fabricators are experts in various welding techniques thus providing hygienic working environments.

Essential dairy equipment in the UHT milk processing line
  1. Raw milk purification: Either filter purification of centrifugal purification can be installed.
  2. Pre-pasteurization of raw milk: In larger processors, this is necessary to ensure thorough sterilization is achieved.
  3. Milk cooling and storage tanks: For continuous processing, storage tanks are necessary. The cooling lowers risks of bacterial growth.
  4. Milk Homogenizer: Uniform distribution of milk fat globules is necessary to achieve the best quality of milk for packaging.
  5. UHT milk sterilizer: This is the main equipment that helps heat to over 135°C over a few seconds and cool immediately to achieve commercial sterility.
  6. Aseptic balance tank: This sterile tank helps to hold the sterilized milk as the aseptic packaging is going on. All its parts that are in contact with milk are sterile. 
  7.  UHT milk filling machine | Aseptic packaging machine: For long-life milk status to be achieved, special packaging conditions have to be met. Aseptic filling machines sterilize the packaging material to ensure there are zero chances of contamination. 

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