Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

A brite tank is a key component in the beer production. Used mainly for clarification and carbonation of beer, they form the final stop in breweries after product leaves the brewhouse and fermenters.

Our brite tanks can also be used as holding tank for bear while it matures, storage tanks for the finished product before packaging, or for secondary fermentation.

Breweries Tanks
Breweries Tanks
Technical Specifications:

▶ Capacity from 100l to 10,000L.
▶ 100% made of food-grade 304 and 316stainless steel.
▶ Inspection Manhole (Side entry imported manhole)
▶ Intergraded volumetric sight glass that saves time.
▶ Made on 12-guage or 14- gauge material tohold upt o 1bar operating pressure.
▶ Equipped with:
• Pressure relief valve.
• Blow-off/ CIP tube.
• CIP spray ball.
• Sample valve.
• Butterfly valves.
• TC clamps, gaskets and clamps.
• 90-degree elbows.
▶ Tanks can be single or double-walled (jacketedand insulated) depending on need.
▶ Smooth and sanitary welds that blend well to give a food grade finish


A Lagering tank is a conditioning tanks where beer is stored a period between 1 to 6 months to clarify and lager the bear before it is packed or served. We manufacture horizontal lagering tanks that are designed depending on the customers need and available space.
Lagering tanks age the beer after fermentation process is completed and keeps the product at near-freezing temperatures for a long period.

Langering Tanks
Langering Tanks
Technical Specifications:

▶ Capacity from 100L to 20,000L.
▶ Cylindrical vertical or horizontal type.
▶ Designed to maximize surface area, both at the bottom of the vessel and at the top of the liquid inside the vessel.
▶ Knuckled conical bottom cone dishes for easier cleaning.
▶ Made from the standard grade stainless steel 304/316.
▶ 2inch polystyrene insulation.
▶ SS 304/316 chilled water jacket.
▶ Adjustable feet with anchor holes.
▶ Stainless steel handle butterfly valves.
▶ Analogue product temperature gauge.
▶ Standard manhole 500NB.
▶ Dry hopping port airtight.
▶ Sampling valve.
▶ Digital temperature control system.
▶ Bottom draining sludge outlet.
▶ Fermentation bung food grade.
▶ CO2 injection provision 1inch with TCP valve.


Unitanks are cylindrical holding tanks with a conical shaped bottom which allows for yeast to accumulate at the bottom thus making it the best for beer fermentation and aging.

Ferentation Tanks
Ferentation Tanks
Technical Specifications:

▶ Capacity from 100L to 20,000L.
▶ Knuckled conical bottom cone dishes for easier retention of yeast during emptying.
▶ Made from the standard food grade stainLess steel 304/316.
▶ SS 304/316 chilled water jacket reinforced.
▶ SS standard box legs reinforced.
▶ Digital product temperature gauge.
▶ Complete SS control panel with digital temperature display.
▶ Pressure relieve valve.
▶ Pressure gauge.
▶ Side inspection manhole.
▶ Inspection valve.
▶ Bottom yeast drain 2inch with butterfly valve.
▶ CO2 injection provision 1inch with TCP valve.
▶ CIP rotary spray ball.
▶ Adjustable levelers to provide a level tank regardless of floor slope.
▶ Entirely 304/316ss butterfly valves


Our mixing tanks are made to solve individual customers process and storage challenges therefore are custom made with your need in
mind. Our engineers design and manufacture standard or custom stainless-steel mixing for virtually every application including mixing ingredients in the brewery industry.

Mixing Tanks
Mixing Tanks
Technical Specifications:

Our mixing tanks are customized to individual client’s specifications according to the following criteria:
▶ Size and geometry of the tank.
▶ Viscosity of the processed product.
▶ Level of 100% sanitation for the interior welds.
▶ Ease of cleaning (CIP) needed.
▶ Processing function of the tank, if heating and cooling requirements are needed.
▶ Mix impeller size and quantity needed for product.
▶ Pressure required during processing.
▶Mixing speed needed.

All our mixing tanks are made from heavy duty food grade non corrosive stainless steel 316 or 304 grade depending on the use.

All SS fittings are 316 or 304 grade depending on the use.
Pressure tested and passed through continuous
quality control measures

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