At Techwin, we import and manufacture both steam boilers and firewood boilers. A customer is advised on the type of boiler that will better suit the site based on the nature of the business they run.
What is a Firewood Boiler?
A wood boiler is made to run on firewood or other substances that can burn similar to firewood. The boilers burn firewood in a controlled chamber to generate heat, which is then transferred to the water tank or directly to the house.
The main difference between a wood boiler and a fossil-fueled boiler is the fuel source. Wood fuel has positive impacts on fuel costs, carbon emissions, and the local economy as compared to fossil fuels.

Our basic fired wood boiler is made of two chambers, an ash box, a water supply, return connections, and a control system. During operation, firewood is loaded into the primary chamber, where they then ignite the wood and allow it to start burning. As the wood begins to burn, the gases released from combustion pull into the secondary chamber, where they continue to burn to maximize heat output. Heat transfer tubes exchange heat with the water pipes to create hot water.

Advantages of Firewood Boilers

The prices of many energy sources are continuously going up including oil prices and electricity bills. Wood boilers continue to become more sustainable as options for heating water in homes, institutions, and businesses.

Some benefits of these boilers include:

Lower costs: Compared to fossil fuels, one can save more money on heating with a firewood boiler.
Simple living and energy independence: With wood being a readily available, local resource, boilers allow customers to reduce their dependence on electricity.

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