Frequently Asked Questions: Milk Coolers
Frequently asked questions: milk coolers

Frequently Asked Questions: Milk Coolers

“What are milk coolers and how do they work?” is a common question we get from clients. Milk coolers can store raw milk for long periods of time while maintaining its nutrients. Milk coolers are a must-have equipment especially if you are in the milk value addition business.

This short but informative article will answer all your questions regarding these milk coolers while helping you to understand why having a milk cooler will be an added advantage to your milk business.

What are milk coolers?

In dairy farming, a milk cooling tank is a storage tank used for both cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it is passed to the next stage. It is made of stainless steel. Techwin limited milk coolers are made of food-grade material which guarantees the hygiene of the milk. Milk coolers, also known as bulk tanks or milk cooling tanks

What is the importance of a milk cooling tank in my milk business?

Milk is a profitable venture and the more milk you can sell, the more profits you can make. This can only be possible if you can store the raw milk to maintain its hygiene using milk coolers. The milk temperature should be lowered to 4 degrees celsius. The milk cooler can do this efficiently. At 4 degrees, the formation of bacteria is impossible. This will enable you to store the milk longer and transport it from one place to another without it getting spoiled.

How does a milk cooler work?
A cooler is a large storage tank that holds a huge volume of milk. The tank is attached to a cooling unit holding compressor and condenser. This helps in cooling the milk inside the storage tank. The milk cooler is attached to a microprocessor which performs the function of maintaining the temperature. The agitator attached to the storage tank performs the function of continuously rotating the milk. This is done to maintain the uniform state of the milk all over.
Why Buy A Milk Cooler From Techwin Limited?
Techwin Limited coolers are manufactured using high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel. We have different sizes of these coolers ranging from 50 – 20,000L, in order to fit the needs of small, medium, and large-scale farmers. Techwin’s milk coolers are very accurate and thus prevent the milk from getting spoiled while maintaining the hygiene level.
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