Milk ATM Machines: What To Consider Before Buying
Milk atm machines: what to consider before buying

Milk ATM Machines: What To Consider Before Buying

Milk ATM machines from Techwin are new and fitted with high-quality components engineered to maintain the quality of milk and increase profit margins for dairy farmers and their businesses. We supply high-quality milk ATMs in the Kenyan market.

Due to the low maintenance and minimal power consumption of the milk ATM machines, users are likely to maintain lower retail costs. The milk vending machines come in various capacities ranging between 100 liters – 1000 liters.

Main Features of Quality Milk ATMs:

  • Inbuilt cooling component.
  • Food grade materials.
  • Accurate dispensing unit.
  • Fitted with digital accounting software.
  • Fitted non-return valve.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Programmed to self-clean.
  • Personalized branding to reflect company identity.

Milk ATM

Factors To Consider When Buying A Milk ATM in Kenya.

Power efficiency: The milk ATM must be very power efficient to lower the cost of sales.

Use of Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) approved milk ATM parts: Milk ATM components including the milk pump, milk piping, and milk container MUST be food grade. The KDB recommends that all metallic parts be made of the stainless steel grade 304 or 316.

The quality of the chilling/cooling unit: The milk ATM machine should retain the temperature of milk at 4° to maintain the quality and taste. Using second-hand cooling units in milk dispensers in Kenya is one way to reduce the cost of production but this lowers the quality and lifespan of the milk ATMs in Kenya.

High-quality body: The ATM body must be strong and insulated to retain the temperature. The use of brand-new milk ATM containers guarantees this.

The quality of the PLC: The accuracy of dispensing in the machine depends largely on the PLC used. Similarly, the ability to get the right accounting and sales reports will rely on the quality of the machine’s PLC. We use the best quality Unitronics Milk PLC for our milk dispensers.

Quality of branding: The business must be attractive. The quality of branding means better visibility.

Techwin Limited is a leading manufacturer of high-quality milk ATM machines located in Nairobi’s industrial area, Enterprise Road off Homa Bay Road. We design, manufacture, and supply milk ATMs of capacities ranging from 100L to 1000L. Please feel free to contact us for more information at 0743 793 878.