Guidelines to Reducing Milk Wastage and Increasing Quality of Output in Your Dairy Business
Guidelines to reducing milk wastage and increasing quality of output in your dairy business

Guidelines to Reducing Milk Wastage and Increasing Quality of Output in Your Dairy Business

From the farm to the packaged product, milk does not only lose quality and taste but also volume.  Farmers who keep milk awaiting collection have to ensure that the quality and the original taste of milk are retained to maintain their market demand.

However, the most important part for the business is to ensure there is no reduction in volumes of milk dispatched caused by wastages that could be avoided.

Milk is very sensitive and highly perishable as such should be treated with care and kept within the right temperatures to lengthen its life span while maintaining its quality. Lack of the right equipment might lead to huge losses when milk goes bad.

Milk cooling tanks are very important in dairy farming. Techwin Limited trains farmers on the importance of cooling tanks and supplies quality equipment both to the government of Kenya and private farm and business owners.

In dairy farming, a milk cooling tank is a storage tank used for both cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it is passed to the next stage.

It is made of stainless steel and is used every day for the storage of raw milk on the farm, the cooling tank has to be in good condition. It must be cleaned after each milk collection.

Reasons why milk cooling tanks are necessary for dairy farming

From the udder, milk is approximately 35°C, for it to stay longer and retain its quality, milk is required to be 4°C. Therefore, there is a need for cooling. Even though cooling can be achieved by other means, the quality of milk is retained when there is a rapid drop in temperature. It should move from 35°C to 4°C within 30 minutes which is not possible to achieve using natural cooling methods. Therefore in summary farmers should use Techwin Limited milk cooling tanks for the following reasons:

  1. Techwin Limited milk cooling tanks are built to reduce the temperatures from 35°C to 4°C within 30 minutes thus retaining the quality of milk.
  2. Keeping milk at the right temperature improves the market price for the farmer’s milk due to its consistent quality
  3. Consistency in the quality of milk from a farm with a cooling tank ensures a continuous and ever-growing demand for the product.
  4. The rapid cooling slows down the growth of the bacteria in the milk, thereby greatly improving its keeping qualities.
  5. Keeping milk at 4°C, Techwin Limited milk cooling tanks prevent or minimize micro-organism growth thus keeping the milk fresh for longer.
  6. Efficient cooling of milk directly after production to 4°C, in conjunction with good milking hygiene, makes it possible to deliver good quality milk at two-day intervals, provided that the bulk tank is well insulated.
  7. Investment in Techwin Limited milk cooling tanks, therefore, has a very good payback in terms of the cost of the equipment and the financial gain.
How to extend the milk storage period with Techwin Limited cooling tanks
  • If a tank is operating correctly, most milk will be cooled at an appropriate time.
  • Slow initial cooling is not advised; tank specification must be correct.
  • A fast cooling rate is necessary, avoid high blend temperatures.
  • Milk temperature should reach ~ 4.5°C within 30 min of milking.
  • Plate cooling helps (35°C reduced to 18°C approximately).
  • Accurate temperature control during storage (3-4°C).
  • Excellent hygiene from teat to cooling tank and transportation.
  • The milk supplier ensures your milk is at 4°C or 6°C on the higher side at the point of collection for transport to the processors. This will guarantee a longer stay of your milk and high quality.

Techwin Limited is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel, and milk cooling tank equipment within various industries. With a team of both local and international Research & Development experts, we liaise with our clients to satisfy their customized requirements aimed at designing suitable solutions. Therefore, if you are searching for a milk cooling tank for your dairy, cooling plant, milk transport lorry, etc, we are the right solution for you.

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