Milk Reception Unit

Milk Reception Unit

Milk Reception Unit

The milk reception unit includes the intake of milk and other liquid milk products for further processing in a milk processing plant. The primary function of the milk reception line is to eliminate air, measure the quantity, pumping, and cool before storing and further processing.

Techwin milk reception unit is designed to improve the sanitary conditions of the site. We can supply either a batch reception unit, a skid-mounted reception unit, or the on-site installation of a line reception unit.

The benefits of our milk reception are air elimination for improved product quality and accurate measurements, continuous operation, long running times, and easy installation.

The milk reception unit is suitable in almost all milk collection centers and dairy processing plants in Kenya since milk is collected from individual farmers or dairy cooperatives and taken to milk processing plants.

The milk-receiving unit has two different kinds, they are automatic and manual.

Automatic Milk Reception Unit

This unit allows milk to be transferred from carrier tankers using a pump. The milk is then filtered and the surplus air and foam are removed from the batch with a stainless steel buoy.

The milk is then weighed using a flow meter as it enters the reception tank and then pumped to the processing plant, cooling tank, or holding tank.


Manual Milk Reception Unit

In a manual milk reception unit, filtering and weighing operations are done manually through the fill-empty system where the milk is brought to the collection center, and the attendant fills the reception tank manually as it is filtered. When the tank is full, the filtered milk is weighed and transferred to the processing line, cooling tank, or holding tank either manually or through a pump.

Reception Tank

Our units are made from industry-approved food-grade stainless steel AISI 304 and feature in various capacities ranging from…

They are fitted with DN 50 butterfly valve outlets and stable four stands.

It is also fitted with weighing scales, a milk filter, and a raw milk transfer pump.

Weighing Scales

Our digital weighing solutions are highly reliable, cost-effective, and very easy to use. We have a local presence and can provide a free quote for all your weighing needs.

Milk Filters

When collecting milk, safeguarding the quality of the bulk collected is vital. The choice of milk filter will make all the difference. A high-quality milk filter captures many impurities if not all and allows a high flow of milk, therefore improving efficiency.

Milk Pump

Our milk pumps are designed for both milk and oil dispensing and are designed to get liquids moving reliably through the system. They are precise, durable, and made with the required materials for hydraulic systems and motors as well as the appropriate sealing system.


Our Milk Reception Unit Technical Specifications and Components:
  • All components are completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.
  • Different capacities are available.
  • The milk reception tank is set on a weighing scale and a butterfly valve outlet.
  • A dump tank is provided and fitted with a butterfly valve outlet and a powerful milk pump.
  • Set on 4 strong pieces of legs that are regulatable.
  • The milk intake unit can include a digital temperature display, a double-line filter, and a raw milk transfer pump.

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