Milk Transportation Tanks

Milk Transportation Tanks

Milk Transportation Tank

Milk transfer tankers are specially insulated stainless steel tanks which ensure stable temperature for long periods of time between 8 to 12 hours.

The units can be easily installed on various vehicles to facilitate ease of shipments from different producers.

Reliably, the units are made of food grade stainless steel, specifically AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) and have a double wall with high density, environmentally friendly polyurethane foam thermal insulation to ensure stable temperature of the milk. The units are available in 12 models with capacities from 500 litres to 4,000 litres.


Milk transportation tank

Features of our milk transfer tanker


Appropriate tank design

They have a simple construction, ease of use, reliable performance and long life span while offering excellent value for money.

Inner design

Robust construction, high resistance to stress with smooth inner walls, round edges and perfect welding.

Shape & construction

Due to the elliptical cross section of the tanks and their oval shape, the transport tanks maintain a low center of gravity enhancing the vehicle balance during milk transportation.

Precise design & excellent cleaning

The functional design, quality and processing of the metal construction prevent the entrapment of even the minutest milk quantity inside the tank, therefore avoiding the development of bacteria and deterioration of milk quality.

Pressure equalization

Each tank has an additional stainless steel ventilation cap to allow air inlet/outlet and prevent high pressure or negative pressure during the filling or evacuation of the tank.

Complete sealing

The elevated manhole in combination with the gasket at the upper part, the easy locking system and the perfect welding ensure the complete sealing of the tank and the safe transportation of milk.

Robust construction

The robust construction provides resistance against transport stresses and their suitable design contributes to road safety by reducing the risk of abrupt weight shifts.

Milk separation

The partitioning of the interior in one or more compartments allows sequential and separate collection of milk quantities from different sources.

Independent outlet valves

Each compartment has its own independent outlet butterfly type valve DN50, SMS51 or Triclamp according to the needs. In case of DN50 type, the valve is equipped with a food grade plastic cap.

Easy cleaning & disinfection

Each compartment has its own spray ball system. It can optionally be combined with ΜPP Standard.

Milk pump (option)

All MP Milk Transfer tanks can optionally be equipped with the powerful stainless steel milk 230V or 12V pump for continuous circulation and constant milk flow during their filling or evacuation.


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