Milk Transportation Tanks

Milk Transportation Tanks

Milk Transportation Tanks

Milk transportation tanks are isolated tanks that are manufactured specifically for transferring fresh milk from collection points to processing plants or to the market. Techwin Limited supplies both milk transportation tanks with no self-cooling system and those with cooling systems.


Why milk transportation tanks do not have a cooling system;

The purpose of milk transfer tanks is to transport milk only from one place to another. Since most collection points are located close to the processing plants, there is always no need for cooling for the short transportation distance.

Do milk transportation tanks have cooling systems?

Yes, some transportation tankers have cooling systems. Transporting milk for a long time greatly increases the risk of milk deterioration. So, if milk is to be taken to longer distances, then it is important to consider a milk transportation tank that is fitted with a cooling system.
The tankers are fitted with high-quality heat-isolated material that prevents heat permeability between the walls of the milk transfer tanks thus maintaining the temperature of the milk for a long time without any change in its structure.

What is an uninsulated milk transportation tank?

It is possible to make low-capacity tanks without insulation. The uninsulated milk transportation tanks are mainly used as by milk collectors who deal with milk collection from villages to the cooling plant. The Techwin milk transportation tanks are fitted with a manhole cover on each tank section and a (CIP)B Cleaning in Place system.

Milk Transport Tank Capacity

500 Lt, 1000 Lt, 1500 Lt, 2000 Lt, 3000 Lt, 4000 Lt, 5000 Lt