What Are Solar Pumps And How Do They Work?
What are solar pumps and how do they work?

What Are Solar Pumps And How Do They Work?

You are probably wondering what a solar pumping system is and what it is used for. A solar pumping system is simple and includes the solar panel itself, the pump, and a power conditioner that assist in pumping water from boreholes to the main water point.
Considerations for designing a solar pumping system include various parameters including water demand (volume), water storage, water depth (head), location of PV panels, and solar irradiance among others. Fortunately, a solar pumping system can be designed and sized by engineers. If you are in need of a solar pump system and you are within Kenya or East Africa, you are in luck.

Suntech Power Limited is a technical trading company in the renewable energy sector located in Nairobi, Kenya. The company is a leading supplier of high-efficiency solar water heaters and other solar energy products. The company has a team of engineers and solar experts, who are passionate about product quality, service, and customize applications.

Why choose Techwin Solar Water pumps?

Suntech solar pumping solutions run entirely on solar power therefore there are no recurring costs. They require minimal maintenance, thus saves on money in the long run.

There has been an increase in the uptake of solar pumping solutions in Kenya, resulting in high agricultural yields in areas that experience low rainfalls.

We supply a wide variety of solar water pumps with different specifications thus making the solution affordable and flexible.

Suntech solar water pumps have the following benefits;

1. Farmer is able to cultivate all year long.

2. They are easy to operate.

3. The solar pumps have no recurrent costs.

4. They are DC and thus do not require any fuel or electricity to operate.

5. Low maintenance costs as solar water pumps have fewer moving parts.

6. No chances of water/soil contamination caused by lubricants.

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