Why Milk Pasteurization Is Important
Why milk pasteurization is important

Why Milk Pasteurization Is Important

Milk pasteurization is the process by which dairy products are mildly heated to kill off harmful bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens. It is purely physical, and nothing is added to the milk. Milk pasteurization only makes milk safer.

A pasteurizer is an important piece of equipment in the milk value addition business because it not only kills harmful pathogens but it also maintains a consistent quality of your product. This means your customers know what to expect from your production lines, and it’s easier to provide reliable results.

For businesses that deal with yogurt making, cheese making, butter making, ready-to-drink milk, etc, a milk pasteurizer is a must-. If you are interested in a batch or continuous line pasteurizer, we have you covered. Techwin is the best place to find high-quality pasteurizers for sale in Kenya.

Milk pasteurization has several important benefits when used to prepare milk for value addition. Some of those include the benefits discussed below.

  • Preventing diseases like scarlet fever, tuberculosis, brucellosis, and diphtheria. Heating the milk for pasteurization destroys harmful pathogens, while many of milk’s nutritional benefits such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and protein remain.
  • Providing a longer shelf life when compared to unpasteurized milk. Milk is therefore made safe for consumption. Unpasteurized raw milk may also be safe for consumption, but typically for a shorter period of time than products that have undergone pasteurization.
  • Milk pasteurization is also faster than most methods that rely on filtration or other means. There are many ways to sanitize milk, but few are as quick or as safe as pasteurization. With pasteurization, the temperature of the product is simply raised enough to destroy any microorganisms that may be present. Other methods may involve chemical treatments or radiation, and may not be the safest to use.

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