Efficient Yogurt Cup Filling machine

Yogurt Filling machine

Yogurt Cup Filling Machine

The yogurt cup filling machine is a dairy equipment for cup filling. This yogurt packaging machine for cups can either be manual or equipped with an automated rotary plate for semi-automatic yogurt packaging. The container where milk is fed is conical in shape thus the name cone filling machine.

The semi-automated yogurt cup filling machine can also be installed with the complete whole process of feeding milk into the cone, filling the yogurt cups, sealing, and pulling out finished products. We supply the customized yogurt filling machine since the shapes must be made according to the sizes and shapes of packaging cups and covers that the customer intends to use.

The manual cone-filling machines are set on top of a stainless steel working table and fitted with a tap to assist the operator to fill the cups manually. These are made for small-scale production, and yogurt cone-filling machines are a manual way of filling yogurt cups faster while maintaining hygiene.


Applications of yogurt filling machine

Yogurt cup filler is not only used to fill and seal yogurt cups, it also does; beverages, fresh milk, coffee, juice, coffee creamer, Ice cream, jelly, soy milk, syrup of plum, rice wine, jam, sauce, chili sauce, beef paste, etc. It is equipped with different filling systems.

It’s suitable for plastic cups, paper cups, and aluminum cups. The filling device can handle various volumes of filling including  1-10ml, 10-100ml, 5-50ml, 50-500ml, 30-300ml, etc.(up to 500ml). The customers choose the filling device according to their actual business needs.


What Factors Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Selecting?

When buying a yogurt packing machine, there are a couple of things to consider. This is a summary based on experience and I hope you find it helpful.

The type of yogurt packaging. Because yogurt can be in a cup (bottle), or bag. Only when you determine the type of packaging, you can determine exactly which type of packaging machine you need.

The size of the yogurt production line. Because the purchased yogurt packaging machine should match the capacity of the real production line. In this way, it will be able to quickly and efficiently do mass production.


Looking for yogurt packaging solutions? Contact us with information on your purchasing needs, production size, capacity, and packaging form. Our dairy technicians will recommend to you the most optimal solution.

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