Solar Water Heater – Non pressurized

Solar Water Heating System – Direct Type

Solar Water Heaters – Direct / Non-pressurized type

Direct-type solar water heaters are also referred to as non-pressurized solar water heating systems.

In the direct systems of solar water heating, the vacuum tubes receive solar radiation and are heated up as a result. The heat is then channeled into the water tanks. The quantity of solar energy that the solar water heater is able to transfer depends on its capacity to absorb light and its insulation from the external environment, which prevents the dispersion of energy from the solar water heater tank.

Advantages Of Non-pressurized Water Heater

  • Maximum yield of energy with less surface requirement compared to the traditional solar panel.
  • High efficiency all year round.
  • Easy installation. Easy to fix.
  • Easy and immediate tube replacement with the ‘Easy Change’ system can work even when one tube is broken.
  • Excellent heat insulation performance of the heat-carrying circuit even at low temperatures.