Analytical & Testing Equipment

Analytical & Testing Equipment
Analytical & Testing Equipment

Lactoscan, also known as milk analyzer, is a modern chemical analyzer suitable for the analysis of any type of milk. Due to its ultrasonic technology, the accuracy of the measurement does not depend on milk acidity and analysis can be performed from a temperature of 5°C to 40°C.

The analysis results are displayed within 50 seconds on the screen and can also be withdrawn on paper as the MP lactoscan has a built-in printer.

The lactoscan comes pre-configured to analyze cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk and measures over 50 parameters.


Made of food grade material, our milk thermometers provide accurate temperature readings without contaminating the product.

Alcohol Gun

Alcohol gun helps achieve the alcohol milk test used on fresh milk to indicate whether it will coagulate on exposure to thermal processing.

We supply high quality alcohol guns from approved international manufacturers.


Lactometer is a little glass instrument used to measure the amount of water in milk.

Lactometer works on the principle of the specific gravity of milk.

As a small device which is very easy to use, it is instrumental in all points of milk collection and bulking. It provides accurate results in less than a minute.

PH Meter

PH meter helps achieve a common measurement performed at various points during the processing of milk.

To confirm the state of fresh milk, the PH meter should read a pH value of 6.7. When the pH value of the milk falls below pH 6.7, it generally indicates spoilage by bacterial degradation.

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