Chemical Processing Equipment

Chemical Processing Equipment

Chemical holding tanks are used to store food, non-flammable, and corrosive chemical storage either temporarily as they await packaging or during transportation. They tanks come in different sizes and types depending on the chemical. Our chemical holding tanks are made on
non-corrosive SS 304/316 to eliminate contamination of the product and lengthen the lifespan of the tanks.

Technical Specifications:

▶ Capacity from 100l to 10,000L.
▶ Knuckled conical bottom and top dishes for easier cleaning.
▶ Made from the standard food grade stainless steel 304/316.
▶ Reinforced standard box legs with adjustable leg screws and baseplate.
▶ Slow speed agitation 30-56RPM.
▶ Anti-slip stainless steel ladder with guard rail and cages.
▶ Dimpled anti-slip stainless steel walkway with fall arrest for higher capacities.
▶ 2inch CIP rotary spray ball.
▶ 2inch stainless steel outlet.
▶ Stainless steel lifting lugs reinforced.
▶ Digital temperature sensor.
▶ Overflow provision 1inch.
▶ 1.5mm thick stainless steel hairline finish cladding.


Our mixing tanks are made to solve individual customers process and storage challenges therefore are custom made with your need in
mind. Our engineers design and manufacture standard or custom stainless-steel mixing for virtually every application including chemical
processing industry.

Mixing Tanks
Mixing Tanks
Technical Specifications:

Our mixing tanks are customized to individual client’s specifications according to the following criteria:
▶ Size and geometry of the tank.
▶ Viscosity of the processed product.
▶ Level of 100% sanitation for the interior welds.
▶ Ease of cleaning (CIP) needed.
▶ Processing function of the tank, if heating and cooling requirements are needed.
▶ Mix impeller size and quantity needed for product.
▶ Pressure required during processing.
▶Mixing speed needed.

All our mixing tanks are made from heavy duty food grade non corrosive stainless steel 316 or 304 grade depending on the use.

All SS fittings are 316 or 304 grade depending on the use.
Pressure tested and passed through continuous quality control measures

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