Answers To Frequently Asked Solar Water Heater Questions
Answers to frequently asked solar water heater questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Solar Water Heater Questions

When marketing and selling solar water heaters, customers usually have various questions regarding our solar water heating systems. If you are reading this then it means you are interested in buying one. This article will answer all your questions and increase your knowledge of solar water heaters.

  1. What is a solar water heater?

A solar water heater is equipment used for heating water. It uses energy from the sun to heat the water. Therefore they are good for the environment since energy from the sun is renewable.

2. What is the price of a solar water heater?

For a new, high-quality solar water heater, prices range from Ksh 59,000 to Ksh140,000

3. How do solar water heaters work?

The solar water heater absorbs light by means of a collector placed on the roof and converts it into heat. It passes this heat to a water tank by means of a circulating pump. This exchange is triggered by the thermal regulator, but only when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank. This prevents the circulating pumps from using electricity needlessly. Conversely, it also prevents overheating.

4. What type of systems do you have?

Techwin Limited has direct and indirect systems which have evacuated tube collectors which are proven to be the most efficient collectors available as compared to the plate collectors.

Each evacuated tube is similar to a thermos in principle. A glass or metal tube containing the water or heat transfer fluid is surrounded by a larger glass tube. The space between them is a vacuum, so very little heat is lost from the fluid.

These collectors can even work well in overcast conditions and operate in temperatures as low as -40°C. Individual tubes are replaced as needed.

5. Do you provide after-sale services?

Upon delivery of the purchased product to a client-approved location, our team of highly skilled technicians will facilitate the installation of the item and ensure efficient commissioning of the same.

6. Does the system have a warranty?

Yes, it does. Techwin Limited has a 5-year warranty on the tank

7. How will I get my system after I have bought it?

We do free deliveries within Nairobi. We also deliver countrywide

8. What do I need to install a solar water heater?

A roof, a water source like a tank, and pipes for the plumbing

9. What capacity of solar water heater tank do I need?

Techwin Limited has 200L & 300L tanks. The capacity required depends on your daily, hot water usage and the number of people using the hot water

10. Do the vacuum tubes break easily?

They rarely break but in case they do, you can replace them for Ksh1000/=

You can also place a wire cage on it for extra protection.

11. How long does the system stay in operation?

The systems are very durable. They last up to 15 years

Where to Buy A Solar Water Heater In Kenya

As you have read from the above article, Techwin Limited is the leading supplier of high-quality Solar Water Heaters that will ensure you have constant hot water, while also saving you money that would be spent on hefty electricity bills.

We hope this article has been informative to you and now you can confidently purchase your system. You can get us through 0743793878 to purchase your solar water heater or inquire about our solar solutions.