Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks

Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks

Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks

The horizontal range of milk cooling tanks are the premier milk cooling solutions for medium and large livestock and dairy farms. These are horizontal type stainless steel tanks with human access hatches and automated washing and disinfection systems after each emptying.

Our large milk cooler tanks are available in 18 capacities, round type from 1,500lt to 14,000lt and elliptical from 10,000lt to 20,000lt. All models are designed so that even small amounts of milk can be churned without the formation of ice.

Cooling unit

The models in the range are available in 2, 4 or 6 milking versions and can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 cooling units offering powerful cooling and reliability.  Our Milkplan milk cooling tanks cool from 35 degrees to 4 degrees in a very short time and automatically switches off to save on power.


Our coolers have excellent thermal insulation with polyurethane foam, ensuring that a few minutes of operation of the refrigerating machine is enough to preserve the pre-chilled milk.

Stainless steel external pressure equalizer

The stainless steel tank filter prevents air from being trapped inside the tank during filling and facilitates its emptying.

Measuring tape

Our coolers come with a stainless steel measuring cup and liter conversion table to easily calculate the amount of milk content.

Agitator motor

Techwin milk cooling tanks are equipped with a powerful motor rotating at 21-25 rpm, mounted on a raised base to ensure easy cleaning. For the most correct stirring of the quantity of milk, the 8,000 – 20,000lt tanks have two or three motors.


The stainless steel manhole of the tanks offers a high level of tightness without the use of a flange and is fully rotatable.


All models above 1,500lt have a stainless steel ladder with non-slip steps for monitoring the milk content through the manhole.

Milk intake

Our large cooler tanks have 1 or 2 milk inlets with to protect the contents of the tank, they seal with a stainless steel cap.

Milk output

A stainless steel DN50 and DN80 type butterfly valve is used for milk output.

Temperature sensor

The position of the temperature sensor has been carefully chosen so that it can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Stainless steel adjustable legs

Techwin cooling tanks feature 4 to 12 support feet, depending on model, all height-adjustable to achieve proper alignment on uneven floors.

Self-cleaning valve (optional)

For easier use of the tank washing system, it is possible to install a self-cleaning type valve.

Electronic titration system (optional)

To reliably control the amount of milk inside the tank, a high-precision electronic metering system can be installed using a float sensor. The system panel has a large easy-to-read 5-digit display and the ability to display the quantity in kilograms or liters.


Milk Cooling Tank Dimensions

1500lt – 14000lt

MPP round milk cooling tanks are available in 12 different models with capacities from 1,500lt to 14,000lt with one or two cooling units to cover the needs of 2 – 6 milkings.

Milk cooling tank

10000lt – 20000lt

The Oval elliptical milk cooling tanks are available in 6 different models with a capacity from 10,000lt to 20,000lt and are suitable for large dairy units as the large surface area of ​​the evaporator allows faster cooling of large quantities of milk while at the same time they are easily placed in areas where there is a height restriction . Depending on the needs, they can be equipped with more than two cooling systems.

Milk cooling tank

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