Milk Holding Tanks

Milk Holding Tanks
Milk Holding Tanks

Milk holding tanks are storage tanks for either unprocessed raw milk or temporary storage during dairy processing. The milk tanks can either be insulated or not depending on the site’s need. They are fitted with agitators so that raw milk is kept in motion in order to prevent the cream from forming. An angled bottom ensures good outflow.

There are many uses for milk tanks in a dairy factory. Our milk storage tank sizes range from 100 liters to over 150,000 liters for milk silos.

Technical Specifications of Milk Holding Tanks
  • Capacity: 100lt-150.000lt.
  • Single-walled or insulated tanks upon customer’s demand.
  • Cylinder or vertical.
  • Quality stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316.
  • Has a ladder.
  • CIP heads, ventilation, and mixer on top.

They are designed to improve hygiene through easy cleaning. They feature a manhole cover and are vertically cylindrical with stable stand parts that can withstand the weight.

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