Petite Pendo
Petite pendo

Petite Pendo

“My system is great. We have not been without hot water at any time. There have been only a few days that we needed to limit our hot water usage because of cloudy weather. Most days that have clouds still have enough solar heat available to provide for our hot water needs. And our 300 litres storage tank stores enough heat for a couple of days if we are conservative with our hot water usage when it is extremely cloudy.

For the past two months we have not had the electric heating element plugged into an electrical outlet so that we have used no energy to heat water except what we have collected from the sun. And we have had a plentiful supply of hot water. Even covering approximately half of the evacuated tubes to prevent overheating the water to the point that the temp/pressure valve pops off, we have had an abundance of hot water, AT NO COST to heat the water. Just what we had been looking for when we purchased the tank.”

Pendo Petite
Membley -Nairobi