Solar Preventive Maintenance
Solar preventive maintenance

Solar Preventive Maintenance

Installed a solar system? Here is a look into solar preventive maintenance that will save you money by simply increasing your system’s efficiency and life span. Solar preventive maintenance involves maintaining your systems. It is critical to ensure their performance and durability. Just like any other machine, for your solar to work 100% efficiently, regular servicing should be done.

We, at Techwin Limited, provide a solar service contract for the maintenance and cleaning of commercial, industrial, and residential solar power plants. We customize a solar service contract to meet the specific needs of your residential system or industrial solar system.

Our solar preventive maintenance contract will ensure that your solar system operates at peak efficiency for maximum power generation. Any potential concerns or issues are identified with routine support before they become larger issues, and updating also protects you from product warranty conditions.

The goal of solar preventive maintenance is to ensure that the necessary elements and commitments are available for our customers in order for us to provide continuous service. Our solar preventative maintenance contracts include a twice-yearly visit. The operations performed are as follows:

  • Verify system integrity and check for potential damage (salty water scales, etc.)
  • Roof mounting conditions must be verified.
  • Cleaning the surface of the solar collectors of dust and other dirt (animal and bird waste)
  • Examination of the expansion vessel’s pressure level
  • Examine the joints for any leaks.
  • Check the functionality of the safety valves, and clean them if necessary as part of the solar preventive maintenance.
  • Check and, if necessary, replace the magnesium anode that protects the tank from corrosion.
  • Clean solar panels and check array frames are secure on the roof
  • Check all wiring from the panels through to the inverter
  • Check all cable ties and fixings
  • Check roof isolators for signs of water egress and heat stress
  • Check roof penetrations for signs of damage/deterioration
  • Check isolators at the inverter for any signs of water egress and heat stress
  • Send customer brief report on system performance and customer usage versus power back to the grid

The goal of scheduled solar preventive maintenance is to keep the installations/systems in good working order by performing the necessary routine verifications, regulations, oiling, and cleaning operations on a regular basis.

All costs associated with part substitutions and fault research are excluded. Everything not mentioned in the preceding description is excluded.

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