What to Know About Milk Cooling Tanks
What to know about milk cooling tanks

What to Know About Milk Cooling Tanks

A cooling tank is used for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature. A milk cooling tank is an essential piece of dairy farm equipment. It is usually made of stainless steel and used every day to store the raw milk on the farm in good condition. It must be cleaned after each milk collection.

The best alternative is a milk cooling tank that can hold large volumes of milk. Techwin Limited makes the best, food-grade, stainless steel, milk cooling tanks in different volumes that are suitable for dairies, milk transportation, or milk cooling plants.

Raw milk producers choose either open (from 100 to 20,000 liters) or closed (from 1,000 to 20, 000 liters) tanks. Depending on manufacturing norms, the cost can vary considerably.

On top of every closed milk cooling tank is a manhole. The manhole enables thorough cleaning and inspection of the inner tank if necessary. The manhole is covered by a lid and sealed watertight with a rubber ring.

All tanks have a thermometer, allowing for immediate inspection of the inner temperature.

Techwin Limited milk cooling tanks are now being equipped with monitoring and alarm systems. These systems guard the temperature of the milk inside the tank and check the functioning of the agitator, the cooling unit, and the temperature of the cleaning water. In case of malfunctioning of any of these functions, the alarm will activate. The monitoring system will also keep a record of the temperature and of all malfunctions for a given period.

Stainless steel cooling tanks are also used to cool a fluid or simply to keep it isolated and warm/cold. Because of the hygienical finishing of the inner and outer sides of the tanks, almost any fluid can be stored: water, fruit juices, honey, wine, beer, etc.

Why buy milk cooling tanks from us?

Techwin Limited is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel, milk cooling tank equipment within various industries. Equipped with modern technology and workshop machinery, we are able to design, manufacture, supply, install, and maintain a wide range of customized engineering equipment not only in food processing but also in the hospitality, healthcare, learning institutions, and architectural industries.

With a team of both local and international Research & Development experts, we liaise with our clients to satisfy their customized requirements aimed at designing suitable solutions.

Therefore, if you are searching for a milk cooling tank for your dairy, cooling plant, milk transport lorry, etc, we are the right solution for you.

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