Why You Deserve Better Than Jua Kali!
Why you deserve better than jua kali!

Why You Deserve Better Than Jua Kali!

The Jua Kali industry in Kenya has been around since time immemorial. Stating that they are famously known for their ability to make anything, mostly metal equipment on demand will be rightfully giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. While we cannot water down the achievements of the informal sector in creating job opportunities and creating much-needed helpful equipment in the dairy and catering industry, we can tell you why purchasing from a professional manufacturer can benefit you.

A great example of a professional manufacturer would be Techwin Limited. The company based in Homa Bay Road, off Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of stainless steel equipment for the dairy, hospitality, and architectural industries. Therefore, this article will explain why you should bank on a professional manufacturer compared to Jua Kali artisans.

  1. Availability of after-sale services- Technical support offered before and after purchase. When buying a product from Jua Kali you get to go home with it and that becomes the end of your interaction with the buyer. At Techwin Limited, you are assured of after-sale services that include delivery, installation, training & commissioning, and maintenance.
  2. Quality in terms of;
  • Material used. Yes, Jua Kali artisans use standard material that will fit the purpose but are you assured that it is the right industry sheet? If you are dealing with food, is it food grade? Techwin Limited assures you of not only the right material used (food grade stainless steel) but also the best quality.
  • Proper workmanship. Not only will a professional manufacturer give you the right grade of material they will also ensure the right finishing. Techwin limited has a team of devoted experts who ensure your equipment is handled with the most precision from the design to the completion stage.
  • Product Functionality. Upon receiving your equipment, you are assured that the product will serve its purpose. In the rare event that you encounter a problem, Techwin Limited offers a warranty period of 1-year minimum. The company also offers maintenance of the equipment which is done by their certified experts. Therefore, you can stay calm knowing you are in the right hands.
  1. Assurance of product delivery after payment- Another advantage of dealing with a certified professional manufacturer is the fact that you can get sleep at night knowing you will eventually get your equipment after paying the deposit. Techwin Limited has a showroom in the industrial area hence you can check up on your order whenever. They also have office lines and a customer care service line that you can call to inquire about progress.
  2. Existence of working warranty- Unlike Jua Kali artisans who rarely give a warranty, Techwin limited has a working warranty (1-year minimum) that is given to the customer upon purchase. The client also gets a receipt and all this information is documented for later reference.
  3. Existence of a customer care department- In the event that you need clarification or any assistance, Techwin Limited has a customer care department that handles all of these.